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Teena has been a performer her enitre life, on stage and in the martial arts world as well.

"However, like a perfect crescendo, the second act saves the best laughs for last. In a scene between the operatic seductress Diana (Teena Pugliese) and “the real” Tito, the audience enjoys nearly five straight minutes of hilarity…"

Ea Nicole Madriga

"Teena Pugliese makes for one sexy comedic treat as Diana, Cleveland’s Grand Opera soprano diva, who’s  got quite a thing for tenors (and baritones and basses)."

Steven Stanely


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"But the most standout performance is Teena Pugliese’s Story Guide, who drifts around, to and fro, the lobby/center staging area, playfully teasing and bonding with the audience as though she were a mischievous spirit having fun with her human counterparts. Being mute throughout the entire time, Pugliese’s emotional range through her body movements and her facial expressions speak more volumes than the spoken dialogue in the plays. In commedia dell’arte, she would be “the clown,” the fool whose insane humor mixed with inner wisdom makes fools of those she encounters. ”

Peter A. Balaska

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 “Magicians need their assistants, after all. Teena Pugliese plays Trix, a giant imaginary mute rabbit, and  she builds a lovable character with playful physical humor.  Pugliese also pulls off some impressive sleight-of-hand—or  sleight-of-paw, rather."

Katherine Davis

Teena Pugliese does a wonderful romp in playing the over-sized rabbit Trixie. Without her, Albie doesn’t really learn about himself or his confidence. Teena does some great pantomime and even has a few surprises of her own as she performs magic too!”


Lorenzo Marchessi

NoHoArts District

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